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 Polymer Component's valves stand above the rest when it comes to size and quality. We are uniquely positioned to handle large parts that are extremely durable. With our customizable formulas we can adapt the properties of the part to maximize performance for your application. 

Why Choose Us?

Product benefits

  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • Chemical & Oil Resistance

  • High Compression & Load Abilities

  • Performs Well in Harsh Environments


  • Heart Valves

  • Urethane Coating on Metallic

  • Knife Gate Valve

  • Butterfly Valves

  • Check Valves

  • Gate Valves


  • Custom Formulations

  • Machining

  • Mold Making

  • Cast Molding


  • Medical Devices

  • Hydraulic Pumps

  • Paper and Pulp

  • Mining


Polymer Components

More info

Valves are put under immense pressure or in very harsh environments. Whether it's in a hydraulic system for mining or inside the human body, polyurethane valves can stand up to the challenge. Polymer Components has been producing high-quality valves for over a decade. We have produced valves for some of the largest environmental groups protecting or rivers as well as large energy production companies dealing with dam technology. YOu can find our valves in some of the most demanding places on earth and we are confident we can help you as well. 

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