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Polymer Components has decades of experience with dozens of materials, allowing for a wider selection to choose from. From food-grade urethane to UHMW replacements and more we provide the best material for the application. Whether you need color, metal or x-ray detection, we can modify the material to fit your detection system.  Get a custom component that is more detectable and durable. We are confident we are the best choice! 

Why choose us


Along with our X-ray-detectable urethane, we use UHMW, HDPE, and other commonly used materials, providing a wide range of options.

FDA Grade

Polymer Components is unique in its ability to consistently produce FDA-grade parts using urethane, year-round.

Property Changes

With our mastery of material we can reduce friction, increase temperature resistance, metal delectably, chemical resistance and more.

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Polyurethane Applications in Food Processing

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At Polymer Components we take pride in our ability to make high-quality FDA urethane year-round.  For Meats and Fish, we have a Wet Grade Urethane and for dry items like nuts, we have a Dry Grade Urethane. The properties of this urethane can be changed from soft to rock hard and from clear to any color. We have worked with many of the top companies in the food industry so we know that everyone has different needs based on their product. For this, we produce many different products as well as any custom product you may need. Please see our material page for more on our FDA-grade material.

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