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Polymer Components custom designs your formula, enhancing the performance of key areas like abrasion resistance. We also have a state of the art machine shop allowing us to incorporate metallic reinforcements, further increasing the performance of your part.

Solutions for High Pressure Applications

Product benefits

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Bonding ability

  • Machining capabilites

  • Large color selection

  • Higher up-time

  • Accepts metal inserts


  • Flood Nozzle

  • Spray Nozzle

  • Standard Cone

  • Consistent Flow Hose Nozzle


  • Injection Molding

  • Cast Molding

  • Custom Formulas

  • Machining

  • Bonding


  • Mining

  • Hydraulic Systems

  • Gas Systems

  • and More


Polymer Components

More info

Regardless of the environment, Polymer Component's polyurethane nozzles stand up to some of the toughest environments. Whether you need a standard size or something unique, we can help. We specialize in custom designs and can make the highest quality part for you. Whether you need urethane or another material Polymer Components works in many different kinds, allowing our parts to perform better than others. 

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