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Polymer Components has been making rollers for over 25 years. We have learned how to add duel durometer cores, produce any hardness, make the roller frictionless or tacky and hold up to heavy loads. Let us help you today.

Replacements for Rubber Rollers

Product benefits

  • High Durability 

  • High Load Bearing

  • Works in Wet or Dry Environments

  • Bondable to Metal & More

  • Resists Water, Oil, Grease & Chems

  • Abrasion Resistant


  • Conveyor Rollers

  • Slip-On Rollers

  • Bonded Rollers

  • No-Crush Rollers

  • V Rollers

  • Dual Hardness Rollers

  • Caster Wheels

  • Radius Rollers


  • Custom Formulas

  • Rebonding to Steel Core

  • Durometer Range: 10 Shore A - 85 Shore D

  • Surface Treatment


  • Non-Marking

  • Driven or Non-Driven

  • Wet or Dry Applications

  • Food Grade Urethane Available

  • High Load Bearing Applications


Polymer Components

More info

   At Polymer Components, we offer in house Machine Shop, CNC Machinist, the latest Solidworks Technology and years of experience, which provides our customers with the ability to customize any roller features including shape, durometer, size, and color. Our employees work with each customer to calculate load-bearing capabilities, friction control, design, and surface texture. Urethane rollers have been created to withstand the torture of the heaviest loads found in the mining, construction, steel, logging, packaging, corrugated or food processing FDA products. With the correct formulation, our polyurethane rollers will offer exceptional shock absorption, grip, effortless rotation, the ability to tolerate high temperatures, and a decrease in vibration and noise reduction all while protecting your products.

Providing Traction / Grip OR  Reducing Friction 

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