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Polymer Components is a leader in cast molding urethane parts as well as other materials. We are known for our ability to innovate and produce high-end and complex OEM parts for industries around the world. Our parts save you money by performing better for longer and reducing manufacturing costs with our innovative processes.

Why choose us

Custom Formulas

Design your part to perform better than any other. Colors, Enhanced properties or completely new properties. Our formulas can produce amazing results.

Material Choice

We have a wide range of materials for cast molding, Urethane, Nylon, Silicon and more. Visit our materials page for more information.


Our staff has a combined 250+ years of experience in the composite plastics cast molding industry. Our master of materials & process means your project gets done fast and more efficiently.

Polymer Components Small

Cast Molding Benefits

  • Lower Tooling Costs

  • Tight Tolerances

  • Low Waste

  • Quick Turnarounds

  • Pressure Tight Parts

  • Repeat Use of Mold

Polymer Components Small

More info

  Polymer Components has been cast molding for over 20 years. We have invested in top-notch state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the consistency of our products. We use dozens of processes to ensure each product is air-free, within tolerance, and of the highest quality. We work with some of the world's leading material manufacturers and custom design our formulas to ensure your part is low-cost yet high-end. Our company has over 250+ years of combined experience casting meaning we provide faster turnarounds, less scrap, and a worry-free experience.

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