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Polyurethane in the Corrugated Industry 

Polymer Components has worked with some of the largest companies in the industry to increase uptime, reduce product damage and improve their bottom line. Our decades of experience gives us the ability to provide the best belts, rollers, wheels and more at an affordable rate.

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Polyurethane Applications in Corrugated

Polymer Components

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Polymer Components offers top of the line urethane products to meet the demands and obstacles needed to increase the productivity and service life of the corrugated box industries machinery. The production of polyurethane is a combination of rubber, plastic and additives, giving the products a high sustainable lifespan. Polyurethane components are superior for use in many aspects of the corrugated box industry with their durability and wide range of production options available. Urethane compounding offers the flexibility of design without losing the performance ability of the material.  The corrugated industry relies on products to meet accuracy, stability, point of impact, insulating properties with high performance, immense load-bearing capabilities, and overall sustainability.

At Polymer Components we understand the importance of superior plastic molded and urethane injection parts. Our products are manufactured in a professional facility to provide an exceptional quality product that is flexible and durable. From compression molding, to cast molding, to injection molding we offer a superior product in any color, form or shape.

At Polymer Components, we understand the corrugated box industry takes advantage of the diverse operations polyurethane and urethane products can offer. If you are looking for a custom part or replacement part we offer components with the expectation of a high performance, reliability, and parts that will withstand rigorous work environments. Our products provide durability with resistance to chemicals, solvents, corrosion, heat and abrasion which meet the corrugated box industries demands.

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