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In food processing, downtime is costly and allowing foreign objects into customers' food is even costlier. Polymer Components uses a metal detectable, food-grade polyurethane material to satisfy food production requirements relating to direct or indirect components in their processing line. We work with you to create a custom component that performs great while increasing the component's lifespan. 

Why Choose Us?

Detectable Polyurethane for Food Processing

Our metal-detectable polyurethane is available in sheets, rods, and custom profiles/shapes. Our custom formulas can produce detectable components down to 7mm and lower. Our material is available in FDA blue and can also be x-rayed or detected via metal detectors. 

Cast Molding Benefits

  • Detectable at 3mm and above (Depending on the strength of the detector)

  • FDA grade colors

  • Low Waste

  • X-ray-able at 6mm

  • Pressure Tight Parts

  • Repeat Use of Mold

Polymer Components

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Polymer Components' food-grade polyurethane is the perfect material for food processing. Typically you need a dedicated material for each condition food processing faces. Is the food wet or dry? Does it have bones? Are there contaminates on the components frequently? What chemicals are used to clean the parts? How strong is your detection machinery? and more... 


A custom part designed by your engineers for your process is the best way to address all critical conditions. We help by taking your design, formulating custom materials for your specific application, and mass-producing your part to those specifications. we'll ensure your custom part performs at its best and increase your component's performance and life span.

Reduce downtime and provide a safer product with a custom plastic or elastomer solution. Reach out to us by submitting a request for a quote or call our offices for immediate help. LINK TO RFQ

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