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OUR Cast Plastics

Reduce tooling costs while getting the same quality and properties as machined plastic parts. Cast plastics remove the need for costly tooling when making UHMW or comparable material parts. Increase your turnaround, reduce your cost and hold the same tolerances with our Cast Plastic services.

Why Choose Us?

Cast Plastic Benefits

  • Replaces costly metal machine parts

  • Tooling costs 1/3 of plastic injection

  • Very Rigid Materials

  • Replaces costly plastic machine parts

  • Low volume capabilities

  • Large part capacity from 1 gram to 1,000 pounds.


More info

  Polymer Components has spent years developing our large selection of manufacturing methods, giving you options at every price point. Our cast plastic services are great for reducing tooling costs on rigid parts like UHMW parts. In our experience, this method saves customers between 20% - 30% of their overall costs!

  Replace your plastic and metal machine parts with this wonderful alternative and you won't regret it. Polymer Components has also positioned itself to answer the call for small volume to large and for tiny parts to massive. We are capable of producing parts from 1 gram to 1,000 pounds. so no job is too big! We would love to speak with you further on how you can save money using this service, just request a quote to get started!

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