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Polymer Components is known for our work with urethane but we also have decades of experiences with dozens of other materials. We have produces parts of various materials for companies around the world, from UHMW food processing parts to mass produced ABS injection molded parts. When it comes to material we have dozens of types and variations to draw from.

Why Choose Us?

Material Types

  • Urethane (+ FDA)

  • Thermo Plastics

  • Thermo Rubbers

  • Silicone

  • HDPE

  • Peek

  • Nylon

  • UHMW

  • ABS

  • Acetal

  • Polycarbonate

  • and More

Polymer Components

More info

    Polymer Components is known for its work with polyurethane but we also excel in dozens of our materials and material variations. We believe a great product starts with a master knowledge of the material the part is made from. With a collective 90+ years of material experience from our employees, we boast some of the most high performance parts in the industry. 


    From injection molding materials like ABS, TPRs and TPUs to cast urethanes, we master each material to provide the greatest results to you. Polymer Components partners with some of the leading material manufactures on the global to insure quality and design our formulas to your parts needs. If you don't see the material you require please reach out to us and inquire about your material specifically.

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