Polymer Components has a long history regarding No Crush Urethane Rollers. We are considered one of the founders of its design, decades ago and we have been making them ever since. With over 100 sizes, custom services and a wide durometer range, we are leaders in No Crush Rollers for many industries from food processing to the corrugated box industry.

Why Choose Us?

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Product benefits

  • Won't Damage Parts

  • Provides Shock Absorption

  • Reduces Noise Pollution

  • Abrasion and Tear Resistant

  • Some Rollers are Reuseable

  • Constant Pressure

  • Non-Marking

  • Easy Wash Downs

  • Extremely Long Durabilty

  • Oil & Chemical Resistant

  • Option for Bonded or Single part


  • Material Handling

  • Textile Manufacturing

  • Corrugated Box Industry

  • Food Processing Systems

  • Robotics Industry

  • Printing Applications

  • Labeling Applications

  • Automotive Lines

  • Automation Systems

  • and Many More


  • Durometer Range: 20A - 85A

  • FDA Material

  • Dual Durometer and Steel Insert Designs Available

  • Reuseable Roller Service


  • Feed Rollers

  • Hold Down Rollers

  • Transfer Sections

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Product Labeling Rollers



More info

   No Crush Rollers, sometimes called Zero Crush Rollers is as it sounds, a roller that will not crush whatever it passes over. We tailor our formulas specifically to your application, leading to a better performing part. The durometer or hardness of a No Crush Roller is key to it's success. A No Crush Roller needs to be flexible enough to not damage the product while being ridge enough to apply the appropriate pressure. These two things can be achieve through adjusting urethane formulas and applying the right design. The standard No Crush Urethane Roller's durometer lies between 20A and 85A, that's the softness of a rubber band to the hardness of a leather belt. 

    While the durometer of a urethane No Crush Roller is important, so to is its design. No Crush Rollers have vains accompanied by hollow sections. This design along with its spiral nature allows for consistent pressure while also remaining flexible. When the vains of the No Crush Roller are thicker, it increases the strength of the roller as well as its rigidity. Along with this, the degree at which the vains on the No Crush Roller curve also alters the rollers performance. 

    So durometer and design make up the majority of while the No Crush roller is so popular but their is still a third aspect, the core. A No Crush Roller can be all urethane or only partly. The No Crush Roller can be fitted with a metal insert, giving more structure to the roller and potential making it reuseable. In certain cases, when a No Crush Roller is worn down it can be shipped back, ground down to the metal insert and recasted with a new No Crush Roller. Another great alternative is a dual durometer No Crush Roller. This means, instead of a metallic insert, you get a urethane insert with a harder durometer, while this one cannot be ground down it provides a great alternative when metal cannot be used.

    Polymer Components can help with any roller project you might have, especially No Crush Roller projects. We have over 100 sizes and variations allowing to reduce or completely remove tooling costs. Besides our experience with the No Crush Roller design and our ready to use resources, we provide high end customer service, fast turn around times and a one stop shop experience. 

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With over 20 years of taking on the toughest jobs in the industry, we are veterans in the field and so are our staff. We have developed proven methods to save you money and maintain the highest quality. 


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