Polyurethane is an ideal material for wear and tear products and parts. Protect your parts with shock and vibration-absorbing polyurethane. Our high-quality long-lasting polyurethane can be molded to your design and formulated for the job's requirements. Increase the life span of your equipment by protecting it with durable polyurethane impact pads and bumpers. Let our parts take the beating so you can minimize downtime and increase profits!

Why Choose Us?

Product benefits

  • Impact Resistance

  • Vibration Absorption

  • Standard / Custom Colors

  • Can Bond to Metal & Plastics

  • Wide Hardness Ranges

  • Various Surface Textures Available


  • Coil Pads

  • Impact Pads

  • Bumpers

  • Vibration Dampeners


  • Cast Molding

  • Injection Molding

  • Custom Colors

  • Custom Formulas


  • Impact Absorption

  • Vibration Damping

  • Non-Marking

  • Noise Dampening




More info

Polyurethane as a material is known for its durability. You can find polyurethane as skateboard wheels, forklift bumpers, in racecars and more. Due to polyurethane's versatility, it's commonly used in today's world. Where polyurethane is most used are high wear industries like construction and mining. Hard sharp rocks hitting polyurethane pads do little to damage polyurethane because of the material's high impact and tear resistance. 

  Besides its use in construction, polyurethane pads are seen inside of warehouses in various forms. So polyurethane impact pads protect equipment like fork trucks or other metallic material handling equipment. A common area impact pads are seen are in a form called "coil pads". Large metallic coils sit on top of polyurethane impact pads referred to as coil pads. These pads help to protect the metal coils by not scratching them and also catch the oil that drips off the hot coils. Polyurethane is great here due to its versatility in color and its resistance to oils. Polyurethane can be colored "safety orange" to draw attention to the riping hazards and catch all oils dripping as well.

  Overall polyurethane makes a great material for impact pads and its various properties make it the best choice for thousands off applications. Please request a quote from us today to see how we can help you with your project.

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