Polymer Components is dedicated to serving our customers from concept to mass production. In order to do this, we have invested in a second warehouse dedicated to injection molding. We can run low or high volume in dozens of different materials. We can even make your mold for you if needed!

Why Choose Us?

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How Our Injection Molding Can Help Your Business

  • Low Piece Cost

  • Fast Turnarounds

  • Extremely High Quailty

  • Small-Large Parts

  • Wide Material Selection

  • Mold Making / Design

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  Polymer Components owns a subsidiary injection molding company called Cove Plastics. Here we produce all of our high-quality injection molded parts. You have a highly experienced staff from mold designing engineers to materials specialties. We believe we can help in any step of the parts cycle, from design to mass production. If you need low tooling costs, our cast molding services can help or if you are ready to lower your per-part-price our injection molding services are the way to go. We produce parts in dozens of materials. See our materials page for more information. 

  Our injection services are used in many different industries from medical to energy production and more. We specialize in producing a part to is tailored to your properties needs. Need a quality part that can stand harsh outdoor conditions or maybe the part needs to be near-frictionless, we know exactly how to help. So, request a quote today and give us a chance to with you and make something great. 

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With over 20 years of taking on the toughest jobs in the industry, we are veterans in the field and so are our staff. We have developed proven methods to save you money and maintain the highest quality. 


- Injection Molding

- Various Casting Methods

- Mold Making

- Bonding Urethane to Metal

- CAD Services

- Finishing Services


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Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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