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Polyurethane in dEFENSE 

With many of our staff having prior military experience, we understand what is needed from our parts. Nothing is more important than producing high quality, fast turnaround parts for our troops. Polymer Components started with military applications and today we are known for our ability to handle custom or standard parts for any application.

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Polyurethane Applications in Defense

Polymer Components

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At Polymer Components we take pride in our past work with the American Armed Forces and look forward to working together on every opportunity. To us, it is extremely important we equipped our forces with the highest quality work we do. We produced products that are among everything else, durable. With products that are impact, oil, chemical, and abrasion-resistant, you can be sure our products will hold up to the extreme tests our military goes through. Our Urethane material is versatile like our forces. Our products can be hard as a bowling ball or soft as a marshmallow while being dozens of colors or transparent. They can have a rough surface texture, a pattern or smooth as glass. We believe from our past works, we can provide the military with any and everything they need to operate in any condition.

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