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Polyurethane rings are popularly used because of their anti-wear and tear properties. Their resistance to both mechanical and chemical breakdown allows companies to save money and time on expensive maintenance. 

High Volume custom TPU O-Rings

Product benefits

  • High Load Bearing

  • High Shape Retention

  • Tight Tolerances

  • Wide Hardness Ranges

  • Chemical Resistance

  • High Tear and Abrasion Resistance


  • O-rings

  • Dual Durometer


  • Injection Molding

  • Cast Molding

  • Machining


  • Load Bearing

  • Hydraulics

  • Pneumatics


Polymer Components

More info

  Polymer Components is positions to do high or low volume orders for polyurethane products. We can do low and high volume injection molding and cast. We are also capable of tight tolerances required by industries such as medical and military. 

  With a wide range of hardness, polyurethane rings are seen throughout manufacturing and in OEM equipment. Their excellent tear and abrasion resistance negate the disadvantages of thin rings, fast aging, and degradation. Lastly, polyurethan is resistant to hydraulic oil/gasoline, aliphatic, propane, butane, silicones, and ozone. This gives polyurethane the advantage when sealing liquids and chemicals.

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