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Polyurethane Belts

Polyurethane belts are a great way to save money by reducing downtime and waste. With any size belt, any durometer, and in a myriad of techniques we can make our polyurethane belts perform according to your needs.

Urethane Belts for high-wear applications

Product benefits

  • Parts Last Longer Than Rubber

  • Adjustable Friction Rates

  • Food Grade Material Available

  • Custom Designs Available

  • Capabilities for Large Belts

  • Any Durometer


  • Round Belts

  • Belt Conveyors

  • V-belts

  • Quick-Connect Hollow-Core

  • Flat Belts


  • Spin Casting

  • Machining for Tight Tolerances

  • Mold Design

  • 1000+lb Services


  • Conveyors (Driven or Free)

  • Food Grade Applications

  • Timing Belts or O Rings

  • Custom Applications


Polymer Components

More info

   Reduce downtime and increase product protection with polyurethane belts. Polyurethane is both non-marking and durable keeping your parts safe and helping your bottom line. We have worked in belt ever industries like packaging and mining for many years and understand the challenges your industry faces when dealing with conveyors, deboning belts and many more. We can produce belts in large or small quantities and in a few grams to thousand-pound parts. Belts can be cast or injected depending on quantity and desired properties. Custom designs are also welcomed. Please visit our color page for recommended or standard colors.

If you currently own a mold we can use that one as well. Please contact us today for any questions you might have!

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