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Polymer Components understands the needs of steel manufactures and distributors from years of experience. We have manufactured standard design and have custom designs as well. Our polyurethane coil pads are safer, less harmful to the coils and more durable than both rubber and wood.

best coil storage solution

Product benefits

  • Higher Load Bearing

  • Less Damaging to the Product

  • Tear and Abrasion Resistance

  • Increase Safty

  • Aid Floor Organization

  • Increased Grip


  • Standard V Blocks

  • Oil Catching Pads

  • Other Custom Designs


  • Custom Formulas

  • Casting and Injection

  • Bonding

  • Custom Designing


  • Protecting Coils

  • Organizing the Warehouse Floor

  • Reducing Tripping Hazards


Polymer Components

More info

Polyurethane is the best material choice for coil pads when accounting for all properties, from durability to safety. Our polyurethane pads last longer than rubber, won't damage coils like wood and last longer than both. Polyurethane has a very high load-bearing capacity and resists oils, unlike wood. Our pads can be colored as needed to reduce a tripping hazard and catch oils coming from coils. Request a quote today or call our offices to see how we can help today. 

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