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Polyurethane bushings are often used to create the absolute best automobiles. From polyurethanes chemical resistance to their mechanical durability, they make the best material to reduce wear and tear and extend the life of your machine.

Custom urethane bushings for suppliers

Product benefits

  • High-load Bearing Capacity

  • Good Compression Set

  • Abrasion Resistence

  • Resists Cutting & Tearing

  • Resists Water, Grease, Oil, and Road Debris

  • Custom Color's Available


  • Various Circular Designs

  • Dual Durometer Designs

  • Material Bonded to Metal Designs


  • Injection and Cast Molding

  • Machining Metal Cores

  • Custom Colors

  • Custom Formulas


  • Bump Stops, Control Arms

  • Body Mounts, Torque Arms

  • Strut Rods, End Links

  • Trailing Arms, Trackbars


Polymer Components

More info

Polymer Components has made bushings for several high profile automotive companies. We understand the strict requirements each part must meet and we can meet those requirements every time. Our parts go through strict protocols to hold our tolerances and properties for our custom formulas. With our ability to injection mold or cast mold, we can deliver thousands of ready to use parts. We can also provide parts in various other materials, for more information on those, please see our materials page.

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