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Polyurethane Seals

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 Polyurethane seals outperform rubber and plastic counterparts by extending the life of the design and reducing overall maintenance requirements. High compression and load capabilities combined with durability properties allows the material to outlast all other rubber and plastic seals. 

Why Choose Us?

Product benefits

  • Tight Tolerances

  • Performs Well in Harsh Conditions

  • High or Low Volume

  • Strong Elongation Durability

  • Resists Tearing

  • High Compression Capability


  • U-Cup Seals

  • Backing Seals

  • Dual Durometer Seals

  • Backing Seals


  • Injection Molding

  • Mold Design

  • Custom Coloring

  • Machining


  • Hydraulic Systems

  • Hydrostatic Systems

  • Automotive Assemblies

  • Bulk Material Transfer Systems


Polymer Components

More info

 These types of seals are common among the petroleum & natural gas industries due to their durability and performance over traditional materials of the past. Polyurethane is a great material for replacing rubber and plastic seals. Polyurethane's abrasion, tear and impact resistance extends the life of the product. Urethane's compression range outclasses all plastics and metals while also being more durable than rubbers. Seals made from Polyurethane also resist chemicals, oils, and waters, allowing them to exist longer in harsher conditions than other traditional materials. 

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