Polyurethane is a great material for wheels due to its high load-bearing capacity, shape retention and wide hardness capacity. Polyurethane wheels are seen in skateboards or other vehicles or tracks that requirer high wear and tear resistance. 

Why Choose Us?

Product benefits

  • Higher Weight Capacity

  • Longer Wear

  • Non-Marking

  • Shape Retention

  • Bonding and Mold Over or Dual Durometer Design


  • Caster Wheels

  • V-Grooves

  • Mold Overs

  • Rollers


  • Cast or Injection Molding

  • Custom Formulas

  • Design work

  • Mold Over or Bond to Metallic Cores


  • Superior Load Bearing to Rubber

  • Higher Abrasion Resistance than Rubber

  • Castable

  • Low Tooling Costs




More info

  Polyurethane is a great choice for wheels than need great load-bearing capacity or durability. Industries like construction and mining can use polyurethane to transport thousands of pounds in weight. Polyurethane wheels also benefit from having higher abrasion resistance than plastic, metal or rubbers. Warehouses benefit from high capacity polyurethane folk lift wheels and caster wheels by protecting their floors and ensuring their lifts don't buckle under the weight. 

  Polymer Components can design a formula that provides the right properties for the application and produce the part in any volume. We can even design and produce the mold in-house. We are proud to be a one-stop-shop from design to full-scale production. Please request a quote today or call out office for more information specific to your project.

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