Bottle Capping Inserts

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Polymer Components supplies urethane bottle cappling shapes to food production,chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries around the globe. Hardnesses ranging from 45A to 80A provide excellent grip and torque to cap tighteners while keeping it's high reliability and durability.

Why Choose Us?

Product benefits

  • More reliable capping and uncapping

  • Less Damaging to the Product

  • Tear and Abrasion Resistance

  • FDA Ingredients Increases Safty

  • Aid Floor Organization

  • Customizable Compression Set Leads to Better Grip


  • Standard V Blocks

  • Oil Catching Pads

  • Other Custom Designs


  • Custom Formulas

  • Casting and Injection

  • Bonding

  • Custom Designing


  • Dropper Caps

  • Chubby Gorilla Caps

  • Tamper Evident Caps

  • Push-Pull Caps

  • Sports Caps

  • Yorker Caps




More info

Polyurethane is the best material choice for automated bottle cap tightening systems. The material is the perfect balance of durability and grip. Our capping inserts provide reliable torque while not damaging the cap. Regardless of the chuck size, we can custom manufacture a capping insert that works for your system.  Request a quote today or call our offices to see how we can help today. 

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